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Centrifugal Pump and parts

  • Sandmaster centrifugal pump
    Mission Sandmaster pumps, is hydraulic motor drive pump.
    Because of short pedestal/pump frame, mainly used for narrow positions and oilfield fracturing truck.
    Its performance is pretty same as Mission Magnum I pump.
    Fluid end parts can be made to materials like alloy steel casting iron, stainless steel and aluminum bronze, etc.
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  • Shaft Sleeve Ceramic
    Product Name:Sleeve,Shaft, Shaft Sleeve (Ceramic)
    ​Model : H20613-21A , H20613-21G-7A , P25SHSLVC
    Description : Sleeve, Shaft, 250 Shaft Sleeve Ceramic
    Application: MCM 250 Series centrifugal pump, Mission Magnum Series centrifugal pump,
    Mission 2500 Supreme Series centrifugal pump, Mission Sandmaster Series centrifugal pump.
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  • Parts for MCM 250 Series
    MCM 250 Series Parts, 100% interchangeable with Mission, Halco, Harrisburg, etc.
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  • Magnum I parts
    Mission centrifugal pump parts include parts for pump series Magnum I, 2500 Supreme and Sandmaster.
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  • 2500 Supreme parts
    2500 Supreme parts

    Mission, MCM centrifugal pump 2500 Supreme parts
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  • Mission centrifugal pump
    Our Centrifugal pump can work in the industry of oil and gas drilling, well servicing and production, etc.

    Our centrifugal pumps and spare parts are interchangeable with those (standard) manufactured by MCM, NOV Mission Magnum, Halco, Mattco, Harrisburg, SPD Mud Hog, Derrick.

    There are four types of centrifugal pump, Magnum, 2500 Supreme, Sandmaster and XP series.
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  • 2500 Supreme centrifugal pump
    Mission 2500 Supreme Centrifugal pump has same technical performances same as Mission Magnum I series.
    The most difference is the impeller is half-open for 2500 Supreme series, there is a wear pad in front of the casing, which can protect the pump casing to increase its service life.
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  • 8x6x11 centriugal pump
    8x6x11 Centrifugal pump is mainly used to provide drilling fluid with some pressure and displacement for desander, desilter, and mud mixer, to guarantee the high efficient work of these equipments.
    This model centrifugal pump is suitable for drilling rigs of 2500-4000 meters.
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