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  • What documents can you provide?

    Factory test report, Mill certificate, Inspector and tester certificate of special equipment registration, etc.
  • Are aftermarket parts bad?

    Aftermarket parts have been the topic of debate among people for years. People worry that aftermarket parts may not be as good or reliable as OEM one. 
    This is a misconception.
    Aftermarket parts have gained popularity and acceptance as good alternatives to OEM parts, and in some cases, it is said that aftermarket parts may be superior because the the manufacturer of aftermarket parts may use more expensive materials or technology.
  • What is aftermarket parts?

    Aftermarket parts are replacement parts made by a company other than the parts' original manufacturers. It originally comes from car industry, but now can refer to any industries.
    Aftermarket parts are known as:
    Generic parts;
    Non-OEM parts;
    Competitive replacement parts.
  • Are your products OEM parts or aftermarket parts?

    Aftermarket parts.


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