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Linhai Evergrow is a professional oilfield equipment supplier to the oil and gas drilling industry in both onshore and offshore worldwide, which is a subsidiary of Linhai Evergrow group company.

Top drive system is an updated drilling technology, substitutes for the technology of rotary table driving kelly. 
The top drive system can greatly improve the drilling efficiency, save manual operation and save drilling costs a lot.

Our top drive replacement parts are 100% interchangeable with original ones. 
Our centrifugal pumps and spare parts are interchangeable with those brand like MCM, Mission, Halco, Mattco, Harrisburg, etc.

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Products:NOV Varco top drive parts, China brand top drive parts like BPM, Tianyi, Jinghong, Honghua, etc., Centrifugal pump ans parts.

Service Standard :According to API Specification Standard. 

Mission:As first-level and global supplier to offer top quality oilfield drilling equipments to clients. 

Belief:Honest, Reliable, Loyal, Hardworking, Cooperative, Efficient to be the best.